Roppolo, Jimmy N.

Roppolo, Jimmy N.
General Manager of Farmers Co-Op of El Campo
Texas A&M Class: 


Jimmy Roppolo is recognized as an eminently successful agribusiness manager and an enthusiastic spokesperson for ‘farmers helping farmers’ through cooperatives.  He received his B.S. degree in agricultural economics from Texas A&M University in 1970-- earning Distinguished Student Honors academically.

Mr. Roppolo’s first job following graduation was with Farmland Industries, and since then, his life has involved working with people through cooperatives.  In 1985, he became the General Manager of Farmers Co-op of El Campo, the position he holds today.  Under his guidance, Farmers Co-op has been recognized as one of the most successful & innovative cooperatives in the State.  Total sales in its four divisions totaled $38 million in 2003–and profits of over $1 million represented a 288 percent increase since Mr. Roppolo became CEO.  

He is well-known and respected for his attitude--for being aggressive, proactive, and for thinking “out of the box.”  Among his many roles of service within agriculture are Board of Directors, past president, and Cotton Ginner of the Year (1999) of the Texas Cotton Ginner’s Association; Board of Directors of the Texas Agricultural Cooperative Council, including Education Committee chair; past board of directors member of the Texas Grain & Feed Association; past board member of the South Texas Cotton & Grain Association; board member of the Cooperative Finance Association, Kansas City, MO; and chair of the OSHA & Safety Subcommittee of the National Cotton Ginners Association. 

In the area of public service, Mr. Roppolo is involved in the El Campo Chamber of Commerce. He is an avid supporter of causes such as Girls Scouts, Boy Scouts, El Campo Boys and Girls Club, El Campo Volunteer Fire Department, Lions Club, and Rotary Club.  He is an annual buyer at the Wharton County Youth Livestock Fair as well as Matagorda, Jackson and Colorado Counties.  In his “spare” time, he operates a ranch of 200 crossbred cattle and enjoys riding and raising quarter horses.

Mr. Roppolo’s service to the Department of Agricultural Economics, COALS, and Texas A&M University are laudatory.  He is an institution of support for the Department’s agricultural cooperatives, agribusiness, and sales classes.  He is steadfast in hosting the Department’s international guests, always eager to provide them a taste of Texas and Aggie hospitality while showcasing the vibrant Farmers Cooperative of El Campo and Texas agriculture.  He and Farmers Co-op are regular sponsors of the undergraduate Fall Kickoff.  At the college level, he has been a member of the COALS Development Council since 1991, and currently serves as president of the Council.  

Mr. Roppolo and his wife, Sandie, reside in El Campo.

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