Brorsen, B. Wade

Brorsen, B. Wade
Regents Professor at Oklahoma State University
Texas A&M Class: 


Having acquired a BS and a MS in Agricultural Economics from Oklahoma State University in 1979 and 1980, Wade Brorsen achieved a Ph.D. from Texas A&M University in 1983.  He later acquired a MS in Statistics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1990.  He worked at Purdue University as an Assistant and Associate Professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics during 1983-1991.  In 1991, he returned to his alma mater of Oklahoma State University as an Associate Professor, and was promoted to Professor in 1992.  In 1996, he was appointed as a Regents Professor, he served as the Jean & Patsy Neustadt Chair from 2001-2011, and he was named as the A.J. and Susan Jacques Chair in 2011.

Dr. Brorsen has had a substantial impact on the State of Oklahoma and the United States through teaching and research.  Dr. Brorsen’s research productivity is impressive, with more than 175 journal articles published in top journals of the Agricultural Economics profession.  Dr. Brorsen also has a remarkable sustained quality of research.   He received the outstanding journal article of the year award from the Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics in 2005 and the Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics in 2011.  His work has been cited more than 800 times according to the Social Science Citation Index, making him one of the most frequently-cited agricultural economists in the world.

Dr. Brorsen’s intense involvement in agricultural economics has resulted in a strong record of service.  He has served on numerous departmental, college, university, and professional committees.  During his time as editor of the American Journal of Agricultural Economics and the Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, Dr. Brorsen handled more than 600 manuscripts.  He has also reviewed well over a hundred journal articles for some of the top agricultural economics journals, resulting in enormous influence on quality of research for the entire profession.

Dr. Brorsen teaches an undergraduate futures market class and graduate level production economics and advanced econometrics, the latter of which attracts students from several departments across campus.  He also taught graduate research methods for years, which directly affects his department’s research quality.  Dr. Brorsen influences 20 Ph.D. (with four in progress), 11 M.S.  students he has advised, and more than 50 others for whom he has served on their committee.  He was named the outstanding graduate teacher by the American Agricultural Economics Association in 2004.  Always willing to help students with questions, he significantly affects graduate students through his courses and advising and his door is always open. 

Wade and his wife Kathy reside in Stillwater and have three children - Kurt, Russell, and Rose.

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