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The Texas A&M University Dept. of Agricultural Economics is proud to honor these most distinguished former students. Below is the complete list of all members inducted into the Tyrus R. Timm Honor Registry.

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Namesort icon TAMU Class Inducted Video Available? Title
Zacek, John E. 1982 2012 Yes Senior Vice President of Regional Lending
Wright, Jimmy 1972 2008 Yes Pres. & CEO of Texas AgFinance
Windwehen, John E. 1976 2004 Yes GM. at Cargill Animal Nutrition
Whitson, Robert E. 1974 2011 Yes Fmr. Professor at Texas A&M
Weston, Graham 1986 2008 Yes Chairman of
Weiner, Brian L. 1965 2010 No CEO of PMG International, Ltd.
Thompson, Troy 1989 2015 Yes Business Planning and Analytics Manager at Chevron
Tanner, Lisa 1987 2014 Yes Texas Assistant Attorney General
Swinbank, Joseph B. 1974 2005 Yes Serial Entrepreneur
Sullivan, Gerald A. 1967 2013 Yes Owner of Westport Marine Terminal
Stubbs, S. Russell 1985 2014 Yes President and CEO of Frozen Food Express Inc.
Stubbs, Jr., Stoney M. 1958 2009 Yes CEO of Frozen Foods Express
Staples, Todd D. 1984 2004 Yes Texas Commissioner of Agriculture
Smith, Tom W. 1957 2009 Yes Fmr. President & CEO of Calcot, Ltd.
Smith, Edward G. 1973 2014 Yes Fmr. Director, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension
Smith III, Robert 1961 2007 Yes Fmr. Senior VP of Federal Reserve Bank
Smaistrla, Ray 1985 2015 Yes Senior Vice President of Amegy Bank
Scruggs, C.G. 1945 1997 No Fmr. Publisher of the Progress Farmer
Schmedemann, Ivan W. 1967 2007 Yes Professor Emeritus at Texas A&M
Sartwelle, Jr., James D. 1963 2001 Yes President of Port City Stockyards
Roppolo, Jimmy N. 1969 2004 Yes General Manager of Farmers Co-Op of El Campo
Richburg, Walter C. 1965 2005 Yes Directing Manager at JP Morgan Chase
Richardson, Gary 1976 2014 Yes Cofounder of Plantacor
Quinonez-Meza, Fernando 1963 2008 No Fmr. Consul General of El Salvador
Pollard, Clay 1981 2014 Yes Senior Landman at Clayton Williams Energy, Inc.
Pennington, Joe 1971 2015 Yes Board Member of the Rio Grande River Authority
Patranella, Mark A. 1982 2012 Yes Manager at Blue Bell
Paterson, Thomas W. 1980 2009 No Trial Lawyer at Susman Godfrey Lawfirm
Owens, Darren G. 1973 2008 No Special Assistant to the Director, Army National Guard
Orsak, Roxanne 1988 2011 Yes Executive Vice President of HEB
Olson, D. Mark 1971 n.a. No Landscape Designer at Village Landscaping, LLC
Oldham, Casey M. 2002 2013 Yes Co-Owner - Oldham Goodwin Group
Novosad, Benjamin R. 1975 2004 Yes President & CEO of Capital Farm Credit
Narayanan, Christopher R. 1996 2017 Yes President and CEO, GA Capital
Nail, Jimmy 1954 2009 Yes Expert in Cotton Cooperatives
Miller, Mark 1987 2016 Yes CEO & President, Texas Farm Credit
Miller, John 1990 2016 Yes President & Owner, Southwest Ag Consultants
Miller, Jarvis E. 1950 2003 Yes Fmr. President of Texas A&M
McNew, Lochlan "Loc" 1987 n.a. No President and COO of MetroNational
McGrann, James M. 1973 2010 Yes Fmr. Professor at Texas A&M
McClure, Frederick D. 1976 1997 Yes Managing Partner at SNR LLP
McAdams, Jim 1972 2014 Yes COO of the Spade Ranch
Martin, Roy 1976 n.a. No Senior Vice-President for Ad Valorem Tax
Martin, J. Michael 1987 2013 Yes Entrepreneur
Martin, Besa 1984 n.a. No Owner, ER Martin LLC
Leiber, Ken 1981 2015 Yes President and CEO of Texas Livestock Marketing
Ledman, Mary Keough 1990 2015 Yes Owner, Keough Ledman Associates, Inc.
Kokel, Larry 1976 2014 Yes Founder of Kokel Appraisal Associates
Kensing, Robert H. 1946 2009 Yes Fmr. Economist for Texas Cooperative Extension
Kaspar, Don G. 1949 2010 Yes CEO of Kaspar Family Companies
Johnsrud, Mark 1991 2014 Yes Chief Executive Officer of Nuverra Environmental Solutions
Johnson, Stanley R. 1966 1999 No Senior Consultant-REE/USDA
Humphrey, Mark 1982 2014 Yes President of the Houston area of Prosperity Bank
Hinojosa III, Raúl 1985 2017 Yes International Educator and Administrator
Haile, Daniel 1996 2017 Yes Co-Founder and Executive VP of Texas Pride Fuels
Hagler, Jon L. 1958 2003 No Partner of Grantham, Mayo, van Otterloo & Co., LLC
Gunter, Gary R. 1981 2008 Yes Cofounder of Lone Star Overnight
Gray, R. Mack 1957 2012 Yes Deputy Under Secretary in USDA
Grady, Jesse C. 1949 2009 No Fmr. Professor of Agricultural Economics at Texas A&M
Goodwin, Robert H. 1996 2013 Yes Co-Owner - Oldham Goodwin Group
Goen, Tom 1970 2014 Yes Director of the Appraisal Division at the General Land Office
Gilliland, Charles E. 1983 2014 Yes Research Economist and Professor at Texas A&M University
Gilbreath, Zay W. 1962 2008 Yes Fmr. Pres. at Cargill Cattle Feeders
Gibson, Kathleen M. 1981 2003 Yes Pres. of Central Region at Citibank
Ford, Creed 1975 2008 Yes Co-CEO of Fired Up, Inc
Finney, Jack 1938 2009 No Founder of Jack Finney Inc and Ja-Lu Quarter Horses
Elliott, Lynn 1973 2014 Yes Founder of Lometa Petroleum Corporation
Edwards, Murray F. 1973 2004 Yes Serial Agribusiness Entrepreneur
Duncan, Doug 1989 2015 Yes Senior Vice President and Chief Economist, Fannie Mae
Dodson, James F. 1974 2008 Yes Chmn. 10th District Farm Credit Council
Deterling, Delmar 1959 1999 Yes Fmr. Exec. Editor at Progressive Farmer
Corrigan, William E. 2001 2013 Yes CEO of Goddard Investment Company
Cooper, Steve 1978 2015 Yes Serial Entrepreneur
Collins III, Glen S. 1980 2001 Yes Serial Entrepreneur
Catalena, Cody 1997 2014 Yes Chief Executive Officer of NetNearU
Carter, Bill E. 1969 2006 Yes Pres. of Carter Financial Mgmt.
Brorsen, B. Wade 1983 2011 Yes Regents Professor at Oklahoma State University
Bobbitt, Robert M. 1999 2013 Yes Global Catering & Event Planning
Bierschwale, Paul E. 1975 2014 Yes Founder of Bierschwale Land Company, LLC
Bierschwale, Justin P. 2002 2014 Yes Founder of Bierschwale Land Company, LLC
Bevers, Stan 1989 2017 Yes Ranch Management Consultant
Bermudez, Jorge A. 1973 2006 Yes Fmr. Chief Risk Officer for Citigroup
Barlow, V. Keith 1976 2014 Yes Founder of Barlow Appraisal Associates
Anderson, Carl G. 1958 2008 Yes Professor at Texas A&M
Almy, Dan'l Mackey 1994 2015 Yes President and CEO of DMA Solutions, Inc.
Abele, Ted M. 1976 2012 Yes CEO of Continental Capital Corporation